Labfly 1000

Labfly is a drone delivery company that offers a drone delivery service with a focus on safety and efficiency. Our drone, the Labfly 1000, has several key features, including electric powered multicopter, 8 propulsion units for redundancy, 2x 360Wh Lithium based battery, and a payload capacity of 1kg. The Labfly 1000 also has several sensors, including 3x IMU, 1x Air pressure sensor, 3x Compass, and 2x Satellite receiver. Additionally, the Labfly 1000 has a flight time of 35 minutes and a flight speed of 60km/h+, making it an ideal choice for drone delivery. The ground station includes a 13” display, keyboard and touchscreen, and flight planning software, making it easy for remote pilots to monitor and control the drone during flight. Overall, the Labfly 1000 is a reliable and efficient drone that is well-suited for delivery operations.

Labfly`s main features

The Labfly drone boasts a range of unique features that make it a safe and efficient choice for drone delivery. One of the standout features is its aerodynamic design, which has been optimized for long-range flights and tested in wind channels to ensure stable performance even in challenging conditions. Additionally, the drone is equipped with a full redundant propulsion system to ensure the highest level of safety during flights. In the event of an emergency, the Labfly also features an integrated rescue parachute that can be activated to safely bring the drone back to the ground.

The drone has an integrated payload compartment with a 6-liter volume and a payload capacity of 1kg, making it well-suited for delivery operations. Moreover, isolation for the payload is part of the drone’s structure, ensuring the safe transportation of fragile or sensitive cargo.

In terms of performance, the Labfly has a takeoff mass of 6kg, a range of 30km, and a top speed of 60km/h. These specifications make the drone an ideal choice for a wide range of delivery applications, from small parcels to medical supplies. Overall, the Labfly is a reliable and safe drone that is well-suited for long-range and high payload capacity delivery operations.