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Labfly For Pharmacies

Over one-third of the European population lives more than 10 kilometers away from the nearest pharmacy, making swift and efficient delivery of medication an urgent necessity. But when it comes to delivering medication to patients when they need it the most, traditional delivery solutions don’t make the cut any more. It’s time to move over to a more flexible, cost-effective, efficient and swift delivery service.

Road Deliveries

Labfly Delivery Service

Works only 8 hours/day

Time Limit

Works 24/7 including weekends

Covers 5km in 26 mins


Covers 5km in 6 mins

Reoccurring expense to maintain delivery fleet


Labfly service covers deliveries and maintenance

Need to hire full-time delivery personnel


No hiring required

Carbon footprint of 123 g/km


Carbon footprint of 14.6 g/km

Medical Drone Delivery Service for Pharmacies Is the Answer

Using Labfly’s drone delivery service pharmacies can deliver to their patients on any day, at any time. The service prioritizes safety, efficiency and agility using the Labfly 1000, while offering enormous cost savings and a more consistent delivery service for consumers.

See How Far You Can Deliver with Labfly

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How It Works




We work with various stakeholders to ensure that your organization gets all the necessary approvals and permissions required to set up a drone delivery system with Labfly.

Location scouting

Our experts visit your site to find the best place to set up the drone landing and taking-off area.

Hardware Set up

We have a super quick hardware set-up as the unique design of the Labfly 1000 doesn’t require any docking hardware set-up. However, it does need the installation of cameras and safe space to come home to. We take care of all of that in the ‘set up’.



Workflow Integration

We identify the most efficient way to integrate the drone into our customers’ workflow so that you get the best possible value for your investment.

Expert pilots

The drones are flown by a trained remote pilot from our office in Berlin. The pilot monitors the drone and the airspace around the drone. Not only is this safer than training non-technical personnel or hiring your own drone pilots, it is also faster.


Drones require specialized maintenance, we take care of this as a part of our service offerings. We service the drones periodically and all Labfly drones are monitored and thoroughly examined after every performed flight. Ensuring drone safety and the safety of each delivery.


We insure the operation of the drone. And depending on the cargo, the customer has the option of insuring the delivery process as well. Adding an additional layer of security.

What Can We Do For You

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