Passion Exemplified

Our Expertise

As passionate drone engineers, at Diaven we believe in a holistic view of drone engineering. We look into the minutest details of drone development from end to end. Be it conceptualization, designing the drone, building the software it may require to function as well as, readjusting it all to help address specific applications. We are a part of every step, and we love a good challenge.


A medical drone delivery service we built from scratch. We crafted the Labfly 1000 specifically for medical purposes and also built all the auxiliary software and apps it requires to be a functional, effective drone delivery system.


Specialized Medical Deliveries

The Labfly drone delivery service is focused on delivering critical medical supplies to hospitals and pharmacies. The service is ideal for transporting lab samples and medicine, making it a valuable asset for healthcare providers.


Drone Indoor Positioning System software designed for DJI drones that allows them to navigate and position themselves in an indoor setting.


Logistics and Warehousing

Ideal for drones developed for the purpose of inventory and stock-taking.

Mapping the Fire

Conceptualized for fire fighters, this software allows the stitching of real-time satellite images from the drone camera and syncs them with GPS positions. Creating a real-time map layer for the area over which the drone has been flown.


Disaster Management and Rescue Operations

Having a real-time map of the critical area can aid in streamlining rescue operations. It provides rescue workers, such as fire fighters, with enhanced visibility over the nature of the problem which improves rescue efforts and reduced risk.

Ultra Wideband (UWB) Localization

A drone positioning system that is capable of functioning in areas where satellite connectivity is denied or not possible. The application allows the drone to use UWB to localize or position itself even without the aid of GPS. Diaven’s solution can also switch seamlessly between UWB localization and satellite navigation.


Indoor Operations and Security

The software allows drones to position themselves in an indoor setting without access to GPS. Increasing the number of areas where the drone can function seamlessly.

Custom Drone Applications

The Diaven team develops custom drone applications to address any challenges you may be facing. In short – we like to solve your problems with drone technology. For example, we worked with a client to create a drone system that would deploy drones to observe plants inside greenhouses.

Customized Drone Design

We have the capability to design drones for targeted applications, aligned perfectly with your unique requirements.

Technical Advisory

We understand that we are at the cutting edge of drone and aviation design and the possibilities are endless. If you have an idea that you can’t get out of your head. We can provide the technical advise you need to conceptualize the products you envision.

For example: We offered technical advice to one of our clients who conceptualized a device capable of offering manned flight for one person, designed to be compact, easily manoeuvrable and flexible.

What Can We Do For You

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