Meet Labfly!

About Us

Labfly is a medical drone delivery service provider based in Berlin, Germany. Started in 2018 by tech-heady, visionary engineers in college, we specialise in healthcare-focused drone deliveries, transporting laboratory samples and medical supplies. Driven to create a delivery experience a notch above others, we have developed our own in-house drones tweaked to impressive levels of biosecurity and ruggedness. Keeping in line with our core ideals as the founders, Labfly has grown since it’s creation, with innovative flight technologies and secure drone systems, all the while keeping sustainability at the helm as we strive to reduce carbon emissions while providing point-of-care logistical health support.

Why we do it

Short answer, we love it.

We are drone and aircraft engineers driven by the work and what that work can bring to the future of healthcare.

Our collective dream has always been to bring the best of aviation and engineering to the world to provide affordable, sustainable and future-proven aerial systems. And what better way to strive for that goal than work in the sphere of Healthcare logistics.

Meet the Team


Tim Fischer

Deeply into academics and aviation design, Tim taught at Technische Universität Berlin for three years and managed aviation projects. With his management and financial acumen, Tim hopes to guide Labfly towards its strategic objectives and shaping it to be global medical drone delivery company. While passionate about technology, Tim also enjoys family time and loves the outdoors including flying for fun, globe-trotting, hiking and cycling to work.


Juri Bieler

Juri leads the Software and Testing division at Labfly. Before co-founding Labfly, he was a part of Clean Sky 2, a European research initiative, developing cutting-edge green technology. He is a certified Pilot and has also taught at Technische Universität Berlin. He mentored students in building an automatic flying race quadrocopter that took home the first prize at Robot Challenge (2017) in Peking. A curious combination of gamer and a hugely outdoor person, Juri is an avid swimmer and is often found in the lakes near his strategically chosen home.


Kolja Klein

The head of Certification and Hardware, Kolja built his first drone (multicopter) in 2004, sparking a lifelong dedication to the field. An accomplished glider pilot, his knowledge and experience have led him to contribute his free time on the airfield and in the workshop for LSC Kranich Berlin eV. He apprenticed at MTU Maintenance for three years before he co-created Labfly. Kolja also enjoys spending quality time with his family and tinkering with the combustion engine of his car in his spare time.

What Can We Do For You

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