Proven. Safe. Swift.

Labfly Lieferung

An end-to-end Drone Delivery Service

Healthcare logistics are already challenging, with multiple layers of complexity that need to be addressed simultaneously. Understanding this challenge helped us build an end-to-end optimized healthcare drone delivery model. Labfly delivery works on various fronts to ensure you are up and running in the fastest time possible.

Adding value in every step of the integration process.

Our cohesive services are divided into 3 main buckets




We work with various stakeholders to ensure that your organization gets all the necessary approvals and permissions required to set up a drone delivery system with Labfly.

Location scouting

Our experts visit your site to find the best place to set up the drone landing and taking-off area.

Hardware Set up

We have a super quick hardware set-up as the unique design of the Labfly 1000 doesn’t require any docking hardware set-up. However, it does need the installation of cameras and safe space to come home to. We take care of all of that in the ‘set up’.



Workflow Integration

We identify the most efficient way to integrate the drone into our customers’ workflow so that you get the best possible value for your investment.

Expert pilots

The drones are flown by a trained remote pilot from our office in Berlin. The pilot monitors the drone and the airspace around the drone. Not only is this safer than training non-technical personnel or hiring your own drone pilots, it is also faster.


Drones require specialized maintenance, we take care of this as a part of our service offerings. We service the drones periodically and all Labfly drones are monitored and thoroughly examined after every performed flight. Ensuring drone safety and the safety of each delivery.


We insure the operation of the drone. And depending on the cargo, the customer has the option of insuring the delivery process as well. Adding an additional layer of security.


After the initial integration of the Labfly drone delivery service, we continuously evaluate and optimize our offerings to ensure that our customers gets the best possible value from the drone delivery service.

This ecosystem ensures that, Labfly offers a healthcare delivery service that is:

Reduced Carbon emissions

Traffic Independent
Shortening Delivery times by hours

Safe and fully automated

Labfly 1000

The ultimate healthcare delivery drone

Medical drone deliveries have specific requirements, be it medication from pharmacy to consumers or samples from hospitals to labs. Safety, build quality, automation and efficiency become doubly important when the stakes are higher.

This is why the Labfly 1000 has two design variants:

Top-loading Variant

Ideal for: Hospitals & Laboratories

This variant needs a landing area to deliver the goods.

No matter which variant you decided to use, the insulated 1 kg payload compartment offers a volumetric capacity of 6 liters. Built using foam and fibreglass, the feather-light yet sturdy Labfly considers the importance of isolation for its payload compartment. Isolation for the payload is part of the drone’s structure, ensuring the safe transportation of delicate and fragile cargo.

The Labfly 1000 has a highly unique structural design geared for aerodynamic advantage. As it takes off, its legs tuck into the frame and its beetle-like structure ensures smooth and efficient flight by minimizing drag and optimizing it for long-range flights

Aerodynamic advantage

Optimized for long ranged flights

Payload: 1 Kg

Range: 30km

Volumetric Payload Capacity: 6 Liters

Speed: 60/kmph

Built-in insulation and isolation for the payload compartment

Safety really does come first

We have designed the Labfly keeping safety at the centre of its build and operations.

Eight Propulsion Systems

While the Labfly 1000 needs only 4 propulsion systems to fly, the drone comes with 8 propulsion systems. A 100% safety backup so that even if all 4 original systems fail, the drone will be able to complete its journey safely.

Double Battery Back-up

Labfly also has a 100% safety net when it comes to battery power supply. It flies with 2 batteries even though it needs one.

Electronic payload compartment lock

Once the delivery items are placed in the payload compartment, it is locked electronically and can only be opened by the remote pilot. This means that even if the Labfly needs to make an emergency landing off-location, the payload is safeguarded.

Self-rescue Ability

A parachute to protect the drone. In case of emergency, the drone comes with an in-built safety parachute that can be deployed either manually by the remote pilot or automatically when the drone senses a malfunction.

And yes we know it would be even lighter and faster if we just relaxed on the safety features but that is an area we absolutely refuse to compromise on.

After all, what good is a delivery drone if it doesn’t reach its destination?