Labfly`s service includes drone installation and hardware setup, location scouting, workflow integration, permissions, optimization of integration, drone operation by a trained remote pilot, maintenance, and insurance coverage. Labfly handles the official process and monitoring of the drone delivery, while ensuring the safety and efficiency of the delivery process for its customers.

Drone Installation

Hardware Setup

Setting up drone infrastructure for landing and takeoff as well as storage and charging of the drone.

Location scouting

Helping the customer to find the most suitable location to setup drone Hardware.

Workflow integration

Identifying the most efficient way to integrate the drone into the customers workflow.


We operate drones in behave of a customer. The customer does not need to obtain any permissions for the drone deliveries. We take care of the hole official process.

Optimization of integration

The initial integration of the drone delivery will be evaluated and if required adjusted for the most value added integration of drone delivery into the customers infrastructure.

Drone Operation

Remote pilot

The drones are controlled by a trained remote pilot from our office in Berlin. The pilot monitors the drone and the airspace around the drone. The remote pilot has the authority to safely land the drone in case of an emergency.


The drone status is monitored after every performed flight. We service the drones periodically and on condition.


The drone operation is insured. The customer can insure the delivery process as well.