Labfly partners with Fling

Fling is partnering with DiAvEn UG to expand its urban drone logistics offering in Southeast Asia. Fling has experience operating drones safely and legally, while DiAvEn has developed a lightweight drone, Labfly, for GPS-denied environments and optimized for medical deliveries. The Strategic Alliance formed will expand both companies’ offerings for clients wishing to user drones for urban air deliveries.

Fling and DiAvEn UG have announced that they have signed a strategic agreement to collaborate on future projects to use unmanned aerial systems (UAS), commonly referred to as drones, for fast and reliable transport of life-saving medial goods in the world’s most populated areas.

The agreement combines the two companies’ expertise:

  • Fling is a leading drone software and services provider in Southeast Asia, with extensive operational expertise conducting drone flights. Fling is the first company to be granted permission to carry packages on drones within Thailand. Fling’s logistics management system,, includes a consumer-facing mobile application, administrative backend, and secure 4G drone flight control system for fleets of drones.
  • DiAvEn is an award-winning drone hardware startup from Germany, with expertise in GPS-denied navigation. Diven’s LabFly UAV is a lightweight medical delivery drone, with 500g payload, 10km range, and advanced safety systems, including redundant power systems, a parachute, and AI flight analysis software.

“With this partnership, Fling looks forward to offering even more options to government agencies, hospitals, industrial customers, and logistics and E-commerce companies looking to use drones for logistics in Southeast Asia”, said Michael Currie, CEO, Fling Co. Ltd.

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